Cowboy Magic Grooming Kit- kinkekomplekt- lakapalsamid, šampoonid ja viimistlusspreid

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Cowboy Magic Grooming Kit, Kinkekomplekt-lakapalsamid, šampoonid ja viimistlusspreid

Maailma juhtiv lakapalsamid, šampoonid ja viimistlusspreid.

Cowboy Magic Grooming Kit, Gift-Set with World's Leading Detangler, Shampoos, Conditioner and Finishing sprays.

Komplekt sisaldab: 

Rosewater Conditioner 60ml

Detangler & Shine™ 29,57ml

Rosewater Shampoo 60ml

Greenspot® Remover  100ml

Super Bodyshine® 100ml

• Cowboy Magic® penetrates the coat, thus offering extra strength and shine.
• This penetration means reduced hair loss.
• Non-Greasy.
• Repels dirt, dust and sand.
• Cowboy Magic® restores the original hair colour beautifully.
• Hair will not dry out after being treated with Cowboy Magic®.
• Thanks to extensive dermatological testing, Cowboy Magic® is safe to use on humans and animals.

This comprehensive set is the perfect gift for horse and pet owners, offering an exceptional grooming experience for beloved companions. Whether at home, in stables, or even in professional pet grooming salons, this kit has become a favorite among enthusiasts and experts alike.

Although compact in size, our products are highly concentrated, making them incredibly efficient. A little goes a long way, allowing you to maximize the usage and value of each bottle. With our world-leading detangler, shampoos, conditioner, and finishing sprays, you can achieve remarkable results in maintaining your horse's or pet's coat.

The Grooming Kit is designed to address various grooming needs. Our detangler is specially formulated to effortlessly remove knots and tangles, leaving the coat smooth, shiny, and manageable. Our high-quality shampoos provide a gentle yet effective cleansing, ensuring a clean and fresh coat. Paired with our nourishing conditioner, your horse or pet will enjoy soft, moisturized, and healthy-looking fur. To top it all off, our finishing sprays add that final touch of brilliance, enhancing the overall appearance and leaving a delightful fragrance.

Not only is this Grooming Kit ideal for pampering your own horse or pet, but it also makes an excellent gift for fellow animal lovers. Treat a friend, family member, or a fellow equestrian to the ultimate grooming experience with this thoughtfully curated set.