Equifirst Gastro Cube- seedesüsteemi toetuseks igapäevaselt

Equifirst Gastro Cube- seedesüsteemi toetuseks igapäevaselt


- Rikkalikult kiudaineid;
- Sobib tundliku kõhuga hobustele ja hobustele, kellel on tihti kõhuprobleemid;
- Toetab tervislikku seedimist, soodustades süljeeritust ja vähendades liigset maohappest tekkivaid negatiivseid mõjusid;
- Sisaldab Pärmi, naatriumvesinikkarbonaadi, magneesiumi ja lubjarikka merevetika kombinatsioon aitab kaasa optimaalsele seedimisele.
- Sisaldab linaseemneid (kaunis karvkate jne) ning oomega-3 ja oomega-6-rasvhapete hea taskaal;
- Madal Suhkru ja tärklise sisaldus! 

Suurepärane sööt hobustele, kellel on maoprobleemid! Sööt sobib nii ennetamiseks kui probleemide esinemisel.

Turvaline ostlemine e-poes: https://www.horsecare.ee/et/a/gastro-cube-20kg
Sporthobustele saab energia andmiseks juurde lisada Linamixi!
Linamix on koheselt saadaval E-poes: https://www.horsecare.ee/et/a/linamix

In English:
Equifirst Gastro Cube-
  • Rich in high-quality fibres
  • Suitable for horses with a sensitive stomach
  • Supports healthy digestion by promoting salivation and reducing the negative effects of (too much) stomach acid
  • The combination of yeast, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium and calcareous seaweed additionally contributes to optimal digestion.
  • Contains linseed that contributes to a beautiful hair coat and a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Made from gluten-free raw materials
  • Low in sugar and starch 

E-Shop: https://www.horsecare.ee/et/a/gastro-cube-20kg


For horses with a__ sensitive stomach and/or intestines__, poor appetite and for nervous and stressed sports horses, EquiFirst has developed a special chunk, the Gastro Cube. The Gastro Cube is made of gluten-free raw materials and contains high-quality fibre sources such as alfalfa and oat hulls. This promotes the formation of saliva in your horse and buffers the stomach acid. This also applies to the added sodium bicarbonate and calcium algae. Sodium bicarbonate buffers the stomach acid quickly upon arrival in the stomach, while the limewash, due to its porous structure, dissolves slowly and buffers the stomach acid for a long time. The combination of yeast, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium and kelp therefore makes an extra contribution to optimal digestion. The low sugar and starch content of Gastro Cube prevents a high peak in insulin and the negative consequences thereof. It also reduces the chance that not all starch is digested in the small intestine and ends up in the blind intestine where it can disrupt microbial fermentation. For maximum results, it is important that the horse, in addition to the Gastro Cube, is offered sufficient roughage. Maintain a minimum of 1.5% of the body weight in dry matter. Distribute the Gastro Cube over as many feedings as possible per day. In order to increase the yield of Gastro Cube, we recommend supplementing with Fibre All-in-One or Opti Fibre to increase the proportion of fibre in the ration. For sport horses requiring extra energy, we also recommend feeding Linamix in addition to Gastro Cube.